An invite to my 10-Year High School Reunion? I am Getting Old.

You know that your life is passing by quickly before your eyes when you get a notice for your 10 year high school reunion. Wow! It seems like just yesterday I was in high school with my ninja turtle shirts on, playing my brown sunburst guitar named “Jessica” at the school dances. But that was then and this is now. What an adventure I have been on since those years! I am now in a religious order and studying to be a priest. Who would have thought! Anyway, looking at the 10 year high school reunion invite on Facebook, I got to see all the pictures of my classmates from 10 years back. Quite a few are now married with as many as 3 kids! It is so beautiful to see how God has blessed so many of them! However, there were a few pictures of friends who looked like they were in not-so-good places after 10 years (a few clicks through pictures on someone’s profile can tell you a lot about the state their life is in). Some of these classmates had been the loners or the social outcasts in high school. Seeing their profiles got me thinking. I was not the perfect high schooler and my charity was not always abundant. Maybe I could have gone out of my way to speak to them more often or taken more interest in their lives. Maybe if I had acted differently 10 years ago to them, they would have turned out differently today. I sat down to write music soon after this reflection and this song came out. Lord, help me never again to walk by a person suffering when I can do something to reach out to them. You never know, but just one act of kindness now could affect the trajectory of the next ten years of someone’s life!




About Br John Klein LC

Br John is a young seminarian in the Legion of Christ currently living and working in Atlanta GA with a youth missionary program called the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. Him and his team of young missionaries spend most of their time doing retreat for middle and high school students in the Atlanta area. Br John studied music in college and loves to play and write music of all kinds for his retreat and youth activities.
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