Overflow, A Song about A Spring Soul Cleaning

Working with the RC Missionaries in Atlanta, I have found that sometimes the car we use gets filled up gradually with many interesting things. Going from retreat to retreat and back and forth between various apostolic, spiritual and sporting activities, the car begins to become a place of storage and a stockpile of supplies. Little by little our trunk and seats fill up with chips, drinks, skateboards, air horns, sleeping bags, balls of all shapes and sizes, wrappers, jackets, guitars, drums, t-shirts, and many other random things. Pretty soon our 5-seater Sonata can only take 3, then 2, then just me because it is overflowing with junk. The more junk in the car the less it can be filled with the Missionaries. Right now, we could fill a moving truck with all the junk in the Sonata. It is the same with our souls. The more noise, jokes, chatter, rumors, and movie quotes we fill our heads with the less room we leave for Christ and His Word. We need a moving truck for our souls to clear room for the Lord and His things. Here is a song I wrote about doing a junk removal for the soul in order to overflow with grace!

OVERFLOW: http://www.reverbnation.com/johnkleinlc/song/20579838-overflow



About Br John Klein LC

Br John is a young seminarian in the Legion of Christ currently living and working in Atlanta GA with a youth missionary program called the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. Him and his team of young missionaries spend most of their time doing retreat for middle and high school students in the Atlanta area. Br John studied music in college and loves to play and write music of all kinds for his retreat and youth activities.
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