One of my Favorite Places so Far

Following is another segment in the blog series from Everest Collegiate student Megan Luttinen on pilgrimage with her senior class in the Holy Land:

Magdala is the place where Mary Magdelene lived, and is also the place where Jesus removed the seven demons from her. The most amazing part is that the Legion of Christ oversees the place we visited (They are the ones who started it!) and we are the first ever Everest group to visit the completed church! (Click here to read about the upcoming church dedication.)

The Magdala Center is not only a church and pilgrimage center, but a future restaurant and hotel, and there are plans to make it a refuge and home for women who need help from bad situations. I was stunned, and (my classmate) Kimmy and I talked about the beauty of the testimony of this small city.

Our guide Claudia explained about the struggle to recover this land and make it into such a special place. It used to be a hotel’s property until the Legion raised the money to buy it, and started laying the foundations of the new buildings. They made it a refuge, a safe haven, almost like a shelter, but absolutely stunning! There is a view of the Sea of Galilee and there are 4 different chapels with gorgeous handmade mosaics depicting bible scenes behind them. The main altar of the big chapel is in the shape of a boat, and it’s almost like you’re back in time with Jesus. What a beautiful place!

I am in awe of the dedication of the people here in Magdala to help women in similar situations as the famous biblical figure, Mary Magdalene. The ceiling depicts the folded hands and part of the tunic made of stars on the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Eight pillars grace the building, each showcasing a famous woman from the Bible. The eighth pillar of the church is dedicated to all women who visit! This has been one of my favorite places to visit so far.

Mrs. Krogh thought that they did an incredible job making a new building that depicted the old in a new way — a marriage between the past and present!


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Megan Luttinen is a senior at Everest Collegiate High School (Clarkston, Michigan).
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