The Sodality

In Mater Ecclesiae College, camaraderie takes on new meaning and creativity new form when a diverse group gathers for a single goal. Tired eyes come to life, idle hands begin to twitch, and stringent schedules make space for a moment of leisure. People of every age and nationality find themselves flocking to the one place that will change their spark of excitement into a regular firework display. This place is not a static location, but one that bursts with life and ambition. If you see yarn flying and needles whirling, or hear metal clinking and people laughing, you can be sure you have reached the sodality. No, it’s not a club. Clubs are for kids or old people and require commitment. Neither is it a random gathering without purpose. “Sodality” is an old term for a gathering of Roman Catholics for social or educations purposes. Some readers may have been members of a sodality without even know what one is. This sodality cannot be described as in, around, or outside any other place on campus. It is a reality that takes shape around those involved. When we ask, “Where is the sodality?” we mean to say, “Where can we find the perky quip of conversation and the dancing of needles to the music of laughter?” Much like a kitchen is not quite a kitchen without a sink, a fridge, and food, the sodality is not the sodality without the people, needles, and balls of yarn. Getting started is the hardest part since the spirit is not at full swing. The magic forms as people arrive, slowly at first, as if awakening around them and then quickening with each new flashing ball of yarn that pops into view. Life surges into an assortment of scarves, hats, gloves, and seat covers, as their creators chat away with little knowledge of the enchantment surrounding them. What sews this flurry of joy? Is it the doubles and trebles, the knits and purls, or even the twittering people? No, the sodality does, touching hearts and softening smiles as it knits color into gray days in Mater Ecclesiae.

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    Nicole Torregrossa

    Nicole Torregrossa is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a senior at Mater Ecclesiae College, discerning a vocation to consecrated life in Regnum Christi.
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