Memories of Daniela Heredia

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Daniela Heredia entering eternal life, I think back on a life of innocence, joy, simplicity, and testimony.

We ask, “Why?” and we will never know the answer except that Jesus wanted Daniela to be with him. In the midst of all the surprise, camp activity, and taking care of pending things, a certainty came to my heart that it was just her time. Those who knew her better confirmed that this was the case.

• I remember her friends saying that if anyone had to go, Daniela was the one who was most ready.

• I remember the tears of campers and the altar that we made dedicated to Daniela’s memory.

• I remember campers resolving to live their lives differently- making decisions for eternity and not for fun or peer pressure.

• I remember the faith of parents who were suffering a painful loss.

• I remember the reporters who were so moved by the example of the community.

• I remember the outpouring of love and support from across the nation and the world.

• I remember Daniela’s parents and siblings, struggling to make sense of it all and accept the offering Our Lord asked of them.

After receiving news of the tragedy, missionaries in Michigan sent a letter on July 22, 2012, that read:

The following prayers and sacrifices will be offered for Daniela, her family, and all those affected by this tragedy:

3 Plenary Indulgences

22 Masses

19 Rosaries

8 Sacrifices

4 Special Prayers

1 Decade of the Rosary

May you be filled with God’s peace, trusting in His infinite goodness.

In Christ,

the ECyD missionaries, the RC missionaries, and the consecrated in Oxford, MI

Even though I met Daniela only momentarily, my life has been deeply impacted by her innocent offering. She is now a little angel in white to whom we can ask for intercession. I remember her and her family on this one-year anniversary with deep love, gratitude, and affection. May the Lord grant peace to all.

Daniela’s memorial card reads:

“Que tienes que dar a Dios que no sea suyo? NADA excepto el si de tu amor.”

“What do you have to give to God that is not his? Nothing except the “yes” of your love.”



About Rene Pomarico

Renee Pomarico was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and spent her teenage years in Denver, CO. Renee was consecrated in 2000, and has a bachelor’s degree in Education and Development from Anahuac University, as well as a licentiate in Religious Sciences from Regina Apostolorum. Renee spent four years directing the youth work in Florida and five years teaching at Immaculate Conception Academy. She is currently a formator and professor for young women in the initial stage of discernment for consecrated life at the formation center in Monterrey, Mexico.
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