My Soul’s Most Welcome Guest

To know the Holy Spirit, is to begin to know a friend. When we make a friend, what do we do? We invite, we speak, we spend time together. The depiction of him as a mysterious white dove floating out of the sky signifies his readiness, speed and the ardor of gentle Love coming to us, in a true purity of his own. I have learned to just talk to him, to ask, to let him be a friend, to let him see and share the good, the bad and the ugly. So in anticipation of Pentecost, I share a prayer of my own penned a few years ago:

“Come Holy Spirit! You are the Friend whom I most need now…to sort the raging tempest abounding, to touch and treat the tender wound, to soften rocky harshness, to break the fears that bind me in – to free the one made for His freedom – to push the wayward on my road, to set my sights divinely higher, to forge a heart of purest gold. Come, come Holy One, Holy Friend and always – Welcome Guest!”


About Heidi Seubert

Heidi Seubert is from Cottonwood, Idaho, and admits to being consecrated in Regnum Christi "for a long time." She has served in 15 states and 2 provinces of Canada. She currently serves in Chicago. She holds an undergraduate degree in communications/literature from University of Idaho and a masters from Providence College in education.
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  1. Ashley says:

    Heidi thank you for this beautiful reflection!!! Especially the prayer at the end!!!

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