Expect the unexpected!

After the announcement of the new Pope I was in the chapel thanking God for his fidelity to his church. I began to think of the previous days and all the speculations the media was making of who the new Pope would be or what characteristics he would have. Someone who is up to date with the media age, someone who is a good communicator, someone who could be politically influential, someone who was powerful….but what kind of power? In our world power seems to be showcased through popularity, wealth, influence — but the man who emerged from the balcony on Wednesday showed the world where real power comes from: prayer, humility, and simplicity! Pope Francis has shown the world what it truly means to be a servant, to be humble, and to be simple. I think that most of us have heard how he lived back in Argentina: cooking his own meals, living in a simple apartment, riding the public bus. And even seeing how he is living now: riding the bus back to St. Martha’s with the Cardinals, asking for our prayers, asking the people of Argentina to give the money, which they would have to buy plane tickets to come to his Inaugural mass, to the poor of Argentina. He is a man who is one with the people and I believe that that is what will change the hearts of so many! Our new Holy Father has definitely shown us that our ways are not God’s ways; His thoughts are far beyond ours. And even if we have the right “idea,” for example what kind of Pope we should have, He will give us the “expected” in a very unexpected way! Great power and authority come through the meek and humble Pope Francis!

About Julian Frommling

Julian Frommling is a second-year student at Mater Ecclesiae College in Rhode Island. She is discerning a vocation to the consecrated life.
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