Since I was a little girl I always heard that Holy Week was the “week of love”. In some countries they call it “The Higher Week”. If that name holds true, if Holy Week is indeed a “higher” week, the week of love, we better prepare our hearts for it. So I invite you, myself included, to start “fattening the heart” for that week. We are so use to “giving something up for lent”, but if is the week of love, I think instead of a “skinny” heart we need to have a “fat heart” – we need to expand our hearts, so we can love more. Let’s prolong “fat Tuesday” into a “Fat lent”.

Over the next few weeks I would like to offer some reflections based on the insights of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, in his Lenten message. Under his guidance we will “fatten our hearts” by putting in action our Faith, as he encourages us, being active through love.

About Paola Trevino

Paola Trevino is a Consecrated women of Regnum Christi. She has direct and serve in many national and international missions. For the past two years she has focus her mission work in Haiti and Cancun, MX in the Mayan villages. At present she serves as the National Director of Missions Youth a Catholic based mission program that offers national and international missions for teens and young adults.
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  1. Javier Lozano Villarreal says:

    Hello Paola, I’m Mr Javier Lozano Villarreal, I’m originally from your hometown Monterrey, Mexico. Would like to congratulate you on your efforts to carry the word of God throughout your missions for teenagers.

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