Of Rocks and Water

Yesterday, Everest Collegiate High School’s assistant principal and pilgrimage chaperone, Greg Reichert, told us the Everest seniors were having “so many profound and wonderful experiences” on their Holy Week trip to the Holy Land. Following are some student quotes about their experiences thus far.

Being in the Holy Sepulchure cathedral was a high point for many. Jacob Stafford said it was “quite an experience” to be able to “kneel at the spot where Christ was crucified at Calvary.”

Fabiana Diaz commented on being able to touch the rock of Calvary. “It was so impacting that I felt His (Jesus’) presence. I felt Him telling me that He loves me and did this for me. This moment was irreplaceable and so powerful that words can’t even begin to describe it.”

Gina Barishaj said when she touched the Calvary rock, “I was immediately filled with so much emotion and was so thankful for everything. It opened my eyes, and I was very grateful.”

Patrick Nalepa said it made the Gospel come “alive” for him. “All throughout this pilgrimage it has gradually become more real.  Today it seems to have jumped off the pages at me! This was because I had the chance to touch the place where our savior died for me and gave me the opportunity to be SAVED!”

Alex Lis Planells said, “Entering the Holy Sepulchure really early in the morning and having Mass was special.  What really impacted me was when we left the church and saw the sun, as if God was welcoming us to Jerusalem!”

“I also loved riding the camel, and being in the Dead Sea!” she added.

Jules Mastromatteo agrees. Apparently she enjoys singing the Eagles’ song Hotel California very much, but she said it doesn’t compare to “floating in the Dead Sea!”

Mikayla Thibodeau really enjoyed going to the Jordan River and being blessed by the water from the holy river. “It was so neat to renew my Baptismal vows in the very river where Christ himself was baptized by John the Baptist.”

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