Here the Word Became Flesh…

Fifteen students representing the first graduating senior class from Everest Collegiate Boys’ High School and Girls’ High School in Clarkston, Michigan, are spending Holy Week on holy ground.  The students will be sharing their experiences with us via Regnum Christi Live. Here is the first installment from student Alexandra Lis Planells…

Site of the Annunciation

What a way to start our senior trip! We began our pilgrimage exactly where our salvation begun. Within the Basilica of the Annunciation, Father Daniel (Pajerski LC) said Mass right in front of the cave where the Virgin Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel.  This spot was exactly where Mary conceived our Lord through the Holy Spirit, and the mission of our Savior started.

We also saw the location of Mary’s house.  I was deeply humbled seeing Mary’s simple home.  Her house is not huge nor made with exotic materials. Mary and the Nazarene community lived in caves that were naturally formed within the many local mountains.  In this simple lifestyle, Jesus lived his childhood.


This humble lifestyle reminds us that God grants great missions and joy to those who are humble and search to serve God, instead of those who boast of their money and try to only serve themselves.

I can’t wait to see what else lies in store for us on this holy journey.  It has “opened our eyes,” so to speak, and is helping us see how the Word of God is connected to our present life and the lives of those who live in this holy land.


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