Vanity of the world vs. Heaven

“Those who run after the vanities of the world which pass away like the wind give a great deal for very little profit; they give their eternity for the miserable smoke of the world.” (St. John Vianney)

St. Paul was hyper-focused on Christ and the finish line. The world and it’s vanities meant absolutely nothing to him. Public opinion was often against him, but he preached the truth, “in season and out of season” and fought the good fight to the end. Where is he now? In heaven, enjoying everlasting happiness! Keep your eye on the ball!!


About Father Michael Sliney, LC

Father Michael Sliney was ordained a priest in Rome on December 24, 1998. He studied mechanical engineering at Michigan State University for two years before entering the Legion. As a seminarian he earned a bachelors in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas and degrees in philosophy and theology from the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum College in Rome. He works with youth groups in the Washington D.C. area.
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