The Real 99%: Your Life

1%. What does 1% mean to you?

1% of the total square mileage of the United states is 37 940.83 miles. That’s about the size of Delaware. Delaware can fit into Alaska 264 times.

1% of the length of a basketball court is less than a foot. That barely gets you in the game

1%. of a average movie is under 80 seconds. That’s less than the length of a single preview.

1%. of the number of your brain’s neurons is 110 million. That’s the amount of neurons in the brains of a mouse.


You will spend only 1% of your life as a high school senior. And-if you are not planning to live to 100 years old- that percentage drops.

All you seniors out there: welcome to the spring semester! Yes, in one sense, this marks the beginning of the end. But, in the spirit of the “occupy Wall Street movement”, we can also cry out that it marks the beginning of, well, the rest of your life.

High school is not an end. It’s a means. It’s not about who takes you to the dance or if you made the team. It’s not about who gives the speech at graduation. It’s not about giving into your boyfriend when he asks for more. He’s asking for your 1%. Wait for the one who wants to exchange 100%.

Your state is small and your life is a preview. But your 99% is waiting.

John Paul II told us: “The future depends on you.”

Don’t let your future be determined by the 1%.





About Megan McCleneghen

Megan McCleneghen is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi. She is based in Houston, where she does youth work.
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