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It was a warm summer day, with the bright sun shedding its light on the colorful scenario: little hills, a small village, palm trees, baskets of fresh fruit carried by “simple” people trying to win their daily wage. For you it might be something very similar to a mere poor town in the middle of the jungle. For me it was my “daily bread”, one more day of missionary work, of visiting parish priests, and of helping with some projects for the poor.

I contemplated the scene from the copilot seat inside my air-conditioned minivan parked on the top of a hill. Mom and dad were down the hill, about a half mile away, but I could still trace them with my eyes.

I turned up the volume on the radio, singing along and watching people come and go from the traditional “plaza” to a store, to the parish, to a…

What was that? I read “Health Care” on something that seemed to me like a mobile home. “That’s nice”, I thought, “even to these ‘underprivileged’ parts of Chiapas, medical attention is provided… but why with English words? Are they American doctors?” Let’s just say that it’s a big contrast to see unpaved roads and a clean module right in the middle.

My parents came back in silence with a sad look on their faces. I didn’t ask, but simply turned the volume down, and returned to my back seat. Finally I broke their silence “Well, what was that?” Their answer was simple, according to what a 12-year-old can understand, “they give people medial attention, but at the same they do some medical interventions that don’t allow women to have more babies”. “Why would they do that?” I asked, “Do the women know what they are doing to them?” “No”, my mom answered “they simply realize that they can’t have more babies”.

Confused as I was, I didn’t know what else to think… they were helping, but… they were not.

Now, 10 years later when I hear about overpopulation and study some initiatives launched by the UN, the US government or other organizations in order to control world population, I don’t need to imagine, I just remember.

I don’t look for simple answers anymore, and I try to understand why they use people –many of them from third world countries- to achieve a goal that was decided according to “alarming statistics”. Why would the UN take advantage of their ignorance and appear to be their savior? Why is the United States still supporting this agenda when 38 countries have been declared to have human rights violations because of the enforcement of their population policies? Why do they keep sending millions of dollars to provide for sterilization surgeries, devises, and drugs instead of listening to their cry of justice and dignity?… all questions that are in the mind of a 22-year-old, and I believe, in many more.

About Andrea Moreno

Andrea Moreno is a consecratred woman of Regnum Christi. She is in graduate of Mater Ecclesiae College, Greenville, RI. She works with youth in Mexico.
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