Conquest for life!

Friends….I want to pass on this note from Lou Judd, friend and apostle…

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up …

The Northern Kentucky Conquest Club organized some fundraisers so we could “host” a billboard for a few weeks. It started showing yesterday.

It is on the electronic billboard that faces southbound I-75 near St. John’s Church/Prince of Peace school in Covington. We are purchasing 750 slots per day for the 2 weeks. Each slot stays up for 8 seconds on the bill board.

So right after you cross the Brent Spence Bridge going from Ohio into KY on your right hand side by the 12 Street exit …

May it help many people. God bless, Lou


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  1. Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC Br Matthew Schneider, LC says:

    This isn’t the first Conquest club to do this; a club down in Flordia sponsored a billboard on I-95 about two years back. Here’s there story from the Conquest site (It is also on YouTube). I hope that both clubs help to form a positive attitude towards life by their work.

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