Thank you for your yes, Sister

I was blessed to attend a Legion of Christ fundraiser Friday evening with my wife in the world’s greatest city, Chicago.

We expected to have a good time and we were not disappointed.  Many old and dear friends were present.  The amazing singers from the community of consecrated women in Chicago performed.  And there were several excellent speakers and testimonials.

The unexpected blessing of the evening for us was getting to sit with and get to know Sr. Mary Jo Sobieck OP.  I’m afraid that many people think of a Sister as being rather stern and reserved.  Sr. Mary Jo would fail on both counts.  She is more a combination of the Flying Nun and Joan of Arc.

She was part of the program, talking about her partnering work with our consecrated women, including some fairly extreme missions.  And I’m glad I didn’t have to follow her talk.  It was bold, enthusiastic and inspiring.  It would make anyone want to be a Roman Catholic. 

Sr. Mary Jo entered the Springfield Dominicans in 1993 and took vows in 1996.  She has taught in several schools and currently teaches theology at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  I doubt students fall asleep in her class.  And I hope they are grateful that this spirited woman said yes to her vocation.

Hearing Sister talk, both formally and informally, was a reminder to me of how young our Church is.  And with people like her sharing the faith, there is no end to the hope for the future.

About Jim Fair

Jim Fair is a writer and consultant. He lives in the Chicago area and has a wonderful wife, son and daughter. He enjoys fishing and occasionally catches something. He tries to play the piano and sings a little. In addition to writing for Regnum Christi Live, he blogs at Laughing Catholic. And you can follow him on Twitter: Jim Fair (@fishfair).
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