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In step with the measures the Catholic Church has taken in recent years to offer safe environments, especially for children and adolescents, the Legion is explaining and handing out to the Legionaries of Christ and the consecrated men in Mexico a complete copy of the “Code of Conduct” that will be applied in the Monterrey and Mexico territories. The “Code of Conduct” is part of a broader program, the “Integral Safety Plan.”

This Code gathers and presents a group of rules, standards, and principles that the Legion of Christ has been teaching with the goal of creating safe and effective environments for the formation and care of children and youth, dealings with women, etc. The uniqueness of the Code is that it now gathers all of these points into one document, in harmony with civil and ecclesiastical legislation on the topic of the abuse of minors, and has been enriched by the experience of prior texts issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Dallas document) and the German Bishops’ Conference, especially. In addition, it is based on the work carried out by independent accreditation agencies, such as the American organization Praesidium (which has accredited the Legion in the United States).

After it is applied in the United States and Mexico, this systematic and institutional work will be extended to the other territories, taking into consideration the steps that have already been taken in the various countries and the need to include the right adaptations according to the civil legislation in each place.

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