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Our new director for the Atlanta Territory, Father John Connor, is sending out a letter to all the Regnum Christi members in the territory.  He talks a bit about the current situation of the Legion and I want to share I few lines from his text that really struck home with me: 

In a sense, we are going on spiritual exercises as an institution.  During these exercises, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and direction of Archbishop De Paolis, the Legionaries will help in the revision of our constitutions and of how we live our charism.  And what are the constitutions but the order’s program of life, a life which needs conversion and renewal.

As anyone who has written a program of life knows, it can be a very demanding, uncomfortable experience, but truly liberating and fulfilling.  We also know that it is not just about frank analysis and great plans, but about openness to God’s grace, virtue and perseverance in order to put it into practice.  Projecting that process onto an entire Congregation with the review of the constitutions, I think it is safe to say it could take a long time – and be painful at times.  Nevertheless, I have no intention of sitting still and taking a passive approach to serving you and the Church.  We have much work to do!

As the process to revise the Constitutions begins, our personal commitment to pursue holiness will be of paramount importance.  Our holiness, the friendship with God and the fulfillment of His will, sets the stage for all that we do.  And if we live in holiness, our efforts will help to identify and shed light on any institutional aspects that have obscured our testimony of following Christ in freedom and love.

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